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Workplace health promotion through yoga am  Workplace

... from absenteeism  AOK report 2018:

"On average, the respondents said they were absent from work due to illness in the past year. If their own demands on meaningful life at work and the reality in the employee's perception go well together, they report only 9.4 sickness-related absent days. If desire and reality differ greatly from one another, the times are more than twice as high at 19.6 days absent. This connection is also evident in job-related physical and psychological complaints. On average, 38.1 percent of those surveyed report back and joint pain, 35.9 percent about exhaustion. If employees find their work meaningful, all complaints are mentioned less often (back and joint pain: 34 percent; exhaustion: 33.2 percent). If this is not the case, 54.1 percent report back pain. and joint pain and 56.5 percent over exhaustion. According to the WIdO survey, there are also differences in the Anw openness in the workplace despite illness, the so-called presenterism: more than one in five respondents (21.1 percent) went to work sick last year, contrary to the doctor's advice. However, those who find their work meaningful are less affected (18.5 percent) than those who do not (24.8 percent). ... "

So there are many good reasons to set up an offer for the employee directly at the workplace:

  • greater identification with the company

  • Improvement of the company image

  • greater well-being in the workplace

  • more motivation and motivation

  • increased productivity

  • Reduction of absenteeism due to illness

  • better mood and more team spirit

  • less stress means more stable health

  • Reducing the risk factors

  • individual solutions

  • short ways

Regular action

during the work time​  ("active lunch break") 30 minutes

or before and after the  Working time 60 minutes


  • Yoga for the back

  • Breathing exercises

  • meditation

One-time measures
  • Workshops

  • Seminars

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