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Yoga & Health


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The human body represents a total work of art of the utmost complexity. Different body systems and their individual parts enable the functions that determine and define our lives through their constant interaction. 
To ensure that this interaction is intact and balanced, the individual organs and systems - similar to all cogs and components of a machine - are directly or indirectly connected to one another.

This is exactly where yoga comes in. Yoga brings the individual organs and systems back into balance by loosening blockages and restoring the natural dynamics!
Yoga uses the special position and function of breathing. Breathing is the link between body and mind!



We can observe an optimal breathing rhythm in a baby. We are born with an optimal breathing technique and then mostly unlearn it over the years. Frequent sitting and uncomfortable clothing constrain the stomach and diaphragm. Because we don't move enough, we breathe more and more shallowly. Stress and tension take our breath away, fear takes our breath away. Yoga makes you breathe freely again and use the healing power of breathing! 

In this way you are able to recognize and meet the needs of your body and mind.
From the muscles to the cardiovascular system, digestion to your nerves and emotions - yoga will rebalance and refresh your whole body.

We look forward to you!


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