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Yoga on demand
Zoom tips 
Dear Pure Yogi, 
Thank you for your many tips and your good feedback  our online live yoga.
- In your registration confirmation you will find the link that will lead you to the class.
- You can take part in the class without  extra  Software!
- Please be in the "yoga room" in good time
- Prepare your place in good time (light, silence, mat, aids, etc.)
- If you would like personal corrections , which we would be happy to give you, align your mat across the camera and make sure that we can see you from head to toe.
- We have acquired a very large screen and see you in HD :-)
- Even if your microphone is switched to "mute" by the teacher during the lesson, you can unmute this at any time if you have a question. Please ask! :-)
- It is not necessary to look into the monitor, as we guide you slowly and clearly from position to position with our voices and carefully chosen words. This gives you the opportunity to be with you in the asana while we see you and, under certain circumstances, give you important tips.
- The sound at home is very important. We send 100% volume through our microphone. Please check the output volume on your receiving device if you want it to be louder.  If you want better sound quality, we recommend one  external speaker or Air  Pods  to connect.
- We consider aids ( upholstery, belt, block, etc.) to be a good investment

Please give us plenty of feedback so that we can fulfill your wishes and
can get better together, thank you very much.

A dear greeting,
Frank & the entire Pure Yoga team

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